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Nicholas Saunders

Nicholas Saunders has a series of successful books to his name. A theme running through them all is his basic philosopy that every adult should have the freedom to make their own choices, based on accurate information. His first book, the bestselling 'Alternative London ' (1970), became a bible for many who were seeking an alternative lifestyle at the time.

Nicholas put some of his theories on the potential of different social structures into practice in the 1980's when he developed Neal's Yard, Covent Garden to create an oasis of calm and alternative culture in central London

Nicholas is best known to many people as the 'ecstasy guru'. His hugely popular books on the subject include: 'E for Ecstasy' (1993), 'Ecstasy and the Dance Culture' (1995) and 'Ecstasy Reconsidered' (1997). Nicholas also created and maintained a website about ecstasy - - which receives over 3 million hits a year.

He had been working on In Search of the Ultimate High for a year, before his death in a car accident in South Africa in February 1998. There is a memorial website for Nicholas where messages, poems, memories can be left.

Anja Saunders

Anja Saunders is the wife of Nicholas and has been involved in the book from the planning stage. She travelled with Nicholas to the various places where he researched the book and has written her own accounts of entheogenic experiences they had together, for inclusion in the book.

Anja works as a complementary therapist and has her own massage school in London. One of her main interests is in ritual and rites of passage. Self development is at the core of all her work.

Michelle Pauli

Michelle Pauli graduated from the London School of Economics and worked as research officer for INFORM, a home office-funded national charity which provides objective and up-to-date information on new religious movements. She contributed to the UK volume of A World Directory of Religions and has worked on the websites of The Times, The Independent and The Guardian. She is currently writing a chapter on dance culture and the internet for "Party Politics: dance culture and beyond" (to be published by Verso in 2000).

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