Churches Using Entheogens

Santo Daime

Verdict of the Dutch Santo Daime court case

Dutch Santo Daime court case report

History and structure (draft)

Nicholas and Anja's account

Arno Adelaar's account

Detailed account of Amsterdam ritual

Healing Experience (personal account)

Santo Daime in Europe. Article in The Face

Unaio do Vegetal

History and Structure (draft)

Church service in Brazil. Draft account.


The Native American Church

Peyote Religion: Spiritual Soul Food, by Leo Mercado

A New Years Peyote Ceremony by Leo Mercado


The Bwiti in Gabon

Bwiti Iboga Ritual in Gabon

A Bwiti Iboga Initiation Ritual


Temple of the True Inner Light

History, and a Personal Account



Barquinha church service in Brazil. Draft account

Gnostisismo Revolutionario de la Concienca de Krishna

Background and Personal Account



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