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June 4 2001

Read extracts from In Search of the Ultimate High
Feedback: What's your ultimate high?
Copyright information added

May 27 2001

Churches using entheogens:Verdict of the Dutch Santo Daime court case
Reviews: review from Weed World

April 12 2001

Churches using entheogens: Dutch Santo Daime court case report

March 6 2001

Traditional religions: Sitting in the palm of God's hand at Burning Man

February 19 2001

Traditional religions: Tripping and Christianity

February 16 2001

Reviews: review from The Lancet


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November 2000

Full details of the book updated, with reviews, purchasing details and cover picture

9 March 2000

In Search of the Ultimate High was published!

19 October 1999

Santo Daime Church in Holland raided
Progress report
Rave Culture: Dancing with a wand of energy-dust
Rave Culture: E-induced ESP

14 June 1999

Progress report
About the Book: project outline updated
About the Book: updated
New area added: Entheogen Use in History
Entheogen Use in History: The Eleusinian Mysteries
Entheogen Use in History: Soma
Entheogen Use in History: Witchcraft
Churches using entheogens: Gnostisismo Revolutionario de la Concienca de Krishna
Churches using entheogens: Santo Daime revised
Churches using entheogens: Uniao do Vegetal revised
Plus minor revisions throughout site

25 November 1998

Title Page: updated
About the Book: updated
About the Book: author details added
About the Book: project outline updated
About the Book: recommendations from leading writers on psychoactives

30 January 1998

Individual Use: Experiencing the Meaning of Life
Rave Culture: Rave as Meditation

23 January 1998

The value of entheogens: Spiritual Exploration and Entheogens
Individual use: Enlightenment on Acid
Individual use: Cosmic Consciousness

21 January 1998

Churches using Entheogens: Peyote Religion: Spiritual Soul Food, by Leo Mercado

19 January 1998

Before, During and After: Advice for Sitters
Churches using Entheogens: Temple of the True Inner Light

15 January 1998

Churches using Entheogens: A Bwiti Iboga Initiation Ritual

14 January 1998

Changes to the Structure of the Site:
'Workshops and Rituals involving Entheogens' page removed and the following articles moved:
Friends of the Forest - a workshop using jurema moved to Shamanism
Ayahuasca workshop moved to Shamanism
Entheogen workshop moved to Shamanism
Ambient Church Service moved to Rave Culture
Shamanistic Ayahuasca Workshops moved to Before, During and After
New page added: Entheogen use in Traditional Religions
New article added: Traditional Religions: The Harvard Agape
New article added: Rave Culture: Rave in a Monastery

13 January 1998

Workshops: Friends of the Forest - a workshop using jurema

12 January 1998

Shamanism: Entheo-tourism in Iquitos: finding a shaman, by Nicholas Saunders

9 January 1998

Shamanism: The Use of Psychoactive Plants Among the Hupda-Maku

19 December 1997

Individidual Use (ecstasy): Flight of the Mind *
Individual Use (ecstasy): Religious users of Ecstasy *
Rave Culture: The Rave as a Religious Service *

* these links take you to the site ecstasy.org. To return to this site use your 'back' key.

16 December 1997

Rave Culture: Trance Magick

12 December 1997

Rave Culture: The Hug
Rave Culture: What do I get out of Raves?

9 December 1997

Individual Use (mescaline): Wirikuta Calling: a peyote ceremony
Churches Using Entheogens: A New Years Peyote Ceremony

Links: The Peyote Foundation

5 December 1997

The Value of Entheogens
Individual Use (LSD): Explosion of Love

4 December 1997

Churches Using Entheogens: Bwiti Iboga Ritual in Gabon

3 December 1997

Shamanism - The Takiwasi Centre: Visions of parenthood

1 December 1997

Before, During and After: Settings for Entheogenic Experiences

28 November 1997

Individual Use (mushrooms): Catalyst for Change
Individual Use (ecstasy): How Buddha must have felt *
Individual Use (ecstasy): Spiritual experience A woman finds a profound sense of unity on E *
Individual Use (ecstasy): Contact with dead relatives on E *
Individual Use (ecstasy): Ecstasy and higher states of consciousness. An 18-year old's account *

Rave Culture: Raving on E has become a religious experience *
* these links take you to the site ecstasy.org. To return to this site use your 'back' key.

26 November 1997

Shamanism: Interview with a Therapist about his ayahuasca experiences

Workshops and Rituals: Shamanistic Ayahuasca Workshops Draft article containing 'best' and
'worst' experiences and tips for leaders

25 November 1997

Shamanism: Cure for cancer, a personal account
Shamanism: Ayahuasca experiences of an interpretor for visitors to shamans

19 November 1997

Links Page
Individual Use (mushrooms): Journey back to God
Individual Use (mushrooms): Peering into the Mind of God
Individual use (DMT): Glimpsing the Light

14 November 1997

Shamanism - The Takiwasi Centre: Interview with Jacques Mabit
Shamanism - The Takiwasi Centre: Overcoming addiction with ayahuasca
Shamanism - The Takiwasi Centre: Liberation from grief

5 November 1997

Rave Culture: Moon Tribe Voodoo
Individual Use:A Cautionary Tale

31 October 1997

Individual Use: Visions on Ibogaine (personal account)
Shamanism: Account of Mushroom Healing Ritual with Maria Sabina and Don Pablo

30 October 1997

Churches Using Entheogens: Healing Experience in the Santo Daime

28 October 1997

Rave Culture: Angel at a Rave
Before, During and After

24 October 1997

Individual Use (DMT): Equinox of the Gods
Individual Use (ibogaine): Nicholas and Anja's Experience
Individual use (yopo): My Experience by Nicholas Saunders

16 October 1997

Individual Use (mushrooms): A Flash of Enlightenment in a London Jungle
Shamanism: Shamanistic Use of Cannabis
Survey: Selection of Short Accounts from Survey Responses

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