Read an extract from In Search of the Ultimate High on contemporary shamanism for westerners

Grace and Madness: in-depth article on curanderismo by Alan Shoemaker

The Use of Psychoactive Plants Among the Hupda-Maku: paper by Pedro Fernandes Leite da Luz


Entheo-tourism in Iquitos: finding a shaman, by Nicholas Saunders

Peruvian shamanistic ritual. Draft account.

Cure for cancer, a personal account

Ayahuasca experiences of an interpretor for visitors to shamans

Interview with a Therapist about his ayahuasca experiences


Workshops and Rituals

Account of Mushroom Healing Ritual with Maria Sabina and Don Pablo

Friends of the Forest - a workshop using jurema

Ayahuasca workshop Draft accounts of a Californian New Age workshop

Entheogen workshop A workshop involving psilocybe mushrooms, LSD and Ketamine. Draft account.

The Shamanic Use of Cannabis


The Takiwasi Centre, Peru

Interview with Jacques Mabit, founder and director

Jean-Marie's Story: Overcoming addiction with ayahuasca

Ingrid's Story: Liberation from grief

Simon's Story: Visions of parenthood

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