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Huston Smith
1151 Colusa Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94707-2726

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12 Jan 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

I receive innumerable requests to endorse causes, but other than the Salvation Army — which is right there when troubled people need help — I cannot think of a cause that I want more to support than CSP. Why?

As I have argued at length in my book, Why Religion Matters, religion is humanity's greatest asset (after our needs for food and water are met), because it provides us with aspiration, hope, and courage. But our modem world, having succumbed to the delusion that science is the only reliable oracle of truth, is the most secular society history has ever known.

Onto this dismal scene CSP's work at Johns Hopkins shines like a beacon of light and hope. The Johns Hopkins Experiment shows - proves - that under controlled, experimental conditions, psilocybin can occasion genuine mystical experiences. It uses science, which modernity trusts, to undermine modernity's secularism. In doing so, it offers hope of nothing less than a resacralization of the natural and social world, a spiritual revival that is our best defense against not only soullessness, but against religious fanaticism. And it does so in the very teeth of the unscientific prejudices built into our current drug laws.

This bold project requires leadership with great skill and integrity. For more than a decade Bob Jesse has been providing that leadership, and there is no one I'd rather trust. I will rest my case here.


/s/ Huston Smith

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