Why This Work?

What makes CSP's focus stand out is that it's not about Western physicians getting to use FDA-approved drugs to treat Western illnesses. I...believe that visionary plants and chemical compounds are spiritual tools whose highest and best use is in opening one's psyche and increasing insight, and that they always have been and always will be treasured most deeply by people who are compelled to look spiritual reality in the face, to learn what the human Shadow is, and how to communicate with it and transform it.

That's where CSP has broken new ground...slowly but surely making changes in the perceptions of intelligent people in the scientific, religious, and legal communities – changes in what has long been conventional wisdom regarding substances that can open the human psyche to the beginnings of enlightenment.    [full text PDF HTML]

Ann and Sasha Shulgin

We need to know much more than we do now about the phenomenology and consequences of hallucinogen-induced mystical experience, and how those consequences vary with the social and ritual surround.... The Council on Spiritual Practices, under the able and patient leadership of Robert Jesse, was the driving force in getting the Hopkins project started, and CSP supported it through completion....

Accordingly, I have committed 5% of my pre-tax gross income to the CSP Fund, for as long as it continues to operate.    [full text PDF HTML]

Mark A. R. Kleiman, Professor of Public Policy at UCLA

CSP...put on the record essential scientific information we relied on in our legal arguments. Additionally, an amicus brief of the Council on Spiritual Practices [for the U.S. Supreme Court], prepared under Bob Jesse's leadership, undoubtedly helped our case....

Without the aid of CSP and its friends we would have had a much more difficult road to travel.    [full text PDF HTML]

Nancy Hollander, lead attorney for the União do Vegetal (USA)

...I cannot think of a cause I want more to support than CSP. Why?

...CSP's work at Johns Hopkins shines like a beacon of light and hope.... It uses science, which modernity trusts, to undermine modernity's secularism. In doing so, it offers hope of nothing less than a resacralization of the natural and social world, a spiritual revival that is our best defense against not only soullessness, but against religious fanaticism. And it does so in the very teeth of the unscientific prejudices built into our current drug laws.

This bold project requires leadership with great skill and integrity. For more than a decade Bob Jesse has been providing that leadership, and there is no one I'd rather trust. I will rest my case here.    [full text PDF HTML]

Huston Smith, author of The World's Religions

Because of the medicalization of all non-food substance ingestion...the sacramental potentiality of these substances has been distorted and ignored.... Thus it has taken a courageous group like yours [CSP] to reopen the dialogue....

Meanwhile, recognition of widespread spiritual hunger has been growing. Sooner or later, this search for spiritual meaning is going to demand that this country live up to its commitment to religious freedom. I think you are doing the right thing at the right time.    [full text PDF HTML]

Willis Harman (1919-1997), President, Institute of Noetic Sciences

A primary religious experience is no more (though also no less) than a seed for a spiritual life. A genuine encounter with the Ultimate does not guarantee a genuine spirituality. The experience may be authentic, but how authentic their spirituality will be depends on what those who had the experience do with it. Will they allow it to transform their lives? Will they have determination and patience enough to let the light which they glimpsed for a moment gradually penetrate every smallest detail of their days? Not a few men and women who have risen to this task bear witness that entheogens first helped them open their eyes to that light. Honesty demands that we acknowledge this.

Brother David Steindl-Rast, O.S.B., foreword to Psychoactive Sacramentals

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